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. >>>. >>> our special series surviving sandy one year later. loopholes and flood insurance making it tough for families to rebuild. that's tomorrow morning at 7am on al jazeera america. >> hello, welcome back. tonight it's going to be a very dangerous night for some people. we are looking at freezing rain that is falling in some parts of the northern plains. i'm going go up a little closer and you can see how the storm is evolving. the storm came out of the pacific. you can see the circulation here across nevada. it's more than nevada and california, it's to the northern plains. where you see the blue is snow. where you see the pipping is -- pink is freezing rain. it's the dangerous precipitation that can fall, because it comes as rain and freezes on contact to the roads. if it is cold enough. actually, we do now have freezing rain advisories in parts of south dakota - sorry, wyoming as well as into nebraska. dangerous if you are driving. hopefully by tomorrow morning when the sun comes up it will not be a problem, but you can see it - that the rest of the western states are dealing with w
since super storm sandy slammed in to the eats coast in the u.s. 182 lives were lost and the storm caused $65 billion in damage. making it the second costliest storm in this nation's history. less than 10 billion of the 50 billion in emergency aid from the federal government has been distributed. those are the headlines, "america tonight" is up next on al jazerra america. just looking out for each other. >> we are all alive and we have food to eat. nothing else really matters. >> as grown up as the perspective seems, they are kids who found mun -- fun way. >> when we cleaned up we didn't realise how powerful the power washers was. >> a few found a silver lining. >> i was imagining it would be like christmas. >> they are the perfect example of how resilient kids can be. there's no doubt the storm affected them all. now, their parents were sitting off to the side of our interview, and one mother told me this group conversation was the first time she had heard her son describe his feelings just after the tomorrow. >>>. >>> our special series surviving sandy one year later. loopholes a
victims. >>> also tonight, remembering sandy. a superstorm that washed away the innocence of the jersey shore. >> my dad was looking out the window at the firemen. >>> they're bringing on the moves, the heat and the age of a timeless art. >>> geed evening. i'm joie chen. thanks for being with us. tonight we begin our week-long focus on sexual assault on campus and the impact on victims. what we found in weeks of reports at a variety of college campuses is the repeated belief campus rape is the result of miscommunication or things getting out of hand. allegations that amount to murky he said/she said that are impossible for schools and law enforcement to adjudicate. the reality is that can be a very mistaken assumption. rape is rape not a misunderstanding. sometimes by students who prey on intoxicated fellow students, and often get away with it. our report begins with correspondent chris bury. >>> obsession dental college in los angeles private and pricey is known for its commitment to social justice. so it is even more striking that this campus has reports of rape and sexual assault, mu
give up a program that could stop a terror attack. >> a year after the superstorm sandy in new jersey, more work is needed for rebuilding. $65 billion in damage was caused. the governor and mayor toured the storm-struck region. >> the dow jones hit a high on tuesday. investors are expect ght the federal reserve to delay plans to scale back the bond-buying program when it wraps up its 2-day policy meeting. those are the latest headlines. ♪ >> on america tonight, booze and bad behavior, how they play a roll arole as rapist target victims. a startling look at the hook up culture. it documen doesn't matter what . everybody does it. >> also tonight. so sorry. the >> thisinitial experience has not lived up to our expectation or the expectations of the american people. >> vision on the horizon. what is taking shape in the north dakota black hills, very, very slowly. ♪ joz good evening and thank you forj. we begin tonight with the hook youp culture. >> californiacampuses.all pus >> we are trying to understand a problem that is more common that you probably think. more common that we thou
the race since it was cancelled in 2012 due to super storm sandy. >> those are the headlines. america tonight townhaul is next. find us online at aljazeera.com. have a good night. (vo) gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. tonight: it seemed like a normal adoption >> do you think this family has a lot of secrets? >> it's like there's an open book as far as the family goes. >> (son - off screen) i fully believe that i was adopted by strangers. (vo) until one day ... >> (son - off screen) i found out everything i thought i knew, was a lie. (vo) al jazeera america presents open secret [[voiceover]] no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives. opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. (vo) gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. tonight: it seemed like a normal adoption >> do you think this family has a lot of secrets? >> it's like there's an open boo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5